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Alleged Child Victim : The child who is the subject of a report of abuse or neglect

Administrator, director, or other chief administrative officer

Means the superintendent of the school district if the out-of-home care entity subject to a report made pursuant to ORC 2151.421 is a school operated by the district. 


Alleged Perpetrator


Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act


A person, not the main subject of the investigation, who may possess information necessary to the investigation.


Children’s Protective Services – The department of the PCSA that investigates the reports that are the subject of this memorandum


The end result of an investigation. At this point the matter will be either closed (unsubstantiated), or referred for further action (indicated, substantiated).


The process by which a report of suspected child abuse and/or neglect is handled in order to respond to and assign appropriate resources for further action


The general process by which the resources assigned to a report of suspected child abuse and/or neglect are to proceed in order to recommend further appropriate action


Memorandum of Understanding


Ohio Administrative Code


Ohio Department of Job and Family Services


Ohio Revised Code

Out-of-home care

Means detention facilities, shelter facilities, certified foster homes, placement in a prospective adoptive home prior to the issuance of a final decree of adoption, organizations, certified organizations, child day-care centers, type A family day-care homes, child day-care provided by type B family day-care home providers and by in-home aides, group home providers, group homes, institutions, state institutions, residential facilities, residential care facilities, residential camps, day camps, public schools, chartered nonpublic schools, educational service centers, hospitals, and medical clinics that are responsible for the care, physical custody, or control of children. 

      Includes a nonchartered nonpublic school if the alleged child abuse or child neglect, or alleged threat of child abuse or child neglect, described in a report received by a public children services agency allegedly occurred in or involved the nonchartered nonpublic school and the alleged perpetrator named in the report holds a certificate, permit, or license issued by the state board of education under section 3301.071 [3301.07.1] or Chapter 3319. of the Revised Code. 


Public Children’s Services Agency : Usually the County Department of Job and Family Services or Children's Services Board


Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect